Climate change, global warming, a lot of rah-rah and little substance. If you really believe in this, what are you doing besides asking everyone else to do something?

Are you doing without AC, or living with two or three families, or walking to store sometimes instead of driving, or driving an electric car, or not spraying your house with pest control?

Show me you are serious before you ask me to quit enjoying life. All I know is that the USA has done a lot of changes since I was young. They did away with leaded gas, placed emission controls on cars, no more coal ash cinders on your window sills, the Cedar Springs Paper Mill doesn't fill the air with that awful odor, recycling programs, landfill standards, and on and on.

You might look at earth's past history of climate cycles like Ice Age, famines, earthquakes, floods. Our own country has a history of dust bowls, hurricanes, and tornadoes. I guess volcanic eruptions don't affect our planet. Maybe you ought to listen to someone else besides Al Gore before you get depressed and cut yourself and cry and lose sleep.

Ken McKissack


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