In response to an article I recently read in the Dothan Eagle concerning the attendance being down from last year in Dothan’s schools, I am surprised it’s not down even more. I know several people who have already withdrawn their students from Dothan Preparatory Academy and several more who are planning to withdraw their students. Anyone with common sense should realize this school is overcrowded. Some of the classes have 40 students. This is a problem for the students and the teachers. The students have no breaks in the morning or afternoon. The restrooms are being kept locked. They have 20 or 30 minutes to get their lunch and eat, and guess the restrooms are open during this time. I’m not sure about that.

Some of the better teachers have retired or gone elsewhere. Some of the teachers are on their phones, texting perhaps, during class instead of doing their job they’re being paid to do.

I have lived in Dothan for almost 50 years. Our four children attended Dothan City Schools and graduated from them. Our schools have never been in such a mess before as they are now. I don’t understand the city hierarchy bringing in a person from another place who knows nothing about our schools or city. Don’t tell me we don’t have a person living in Dothan who is qualified to do this job. This is an insult to our residents.

As for (school board chairman) Mike Schmitz, he needs to go back to his glorious mountain climbing instead of helping make a mess of our school system. Regardless of (Superintendent Phyllis) Edwards’ press release a few weeks ago in which she stated there are no fights at Dothan Preparatory Academy, this is not true. Even the principal admitted that there are still some fights. She either doesn’t know what is going on or she is not being truthful.

Myrtis Merrow


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