Concerned about sentencing

Great news — your government is going to make your life safer. In the name of prison reform and overcrowding, they are going to release thousands of some of the roughest people on earth into your neighborhoods.

I believe in giving a person a second chance, but if you can understand the criteria used for who gets released, you are smarter than me.

A guy committed a crime the other day had 48 prior offenses, yet I have a relative that got hooked on drugs as a young man and got arrested several times in a short period and got a life sentence. He needed to serve time long enough to grow up but not get harden by prison life.

It seems like we just went through spending a lot of money on prisons. I think it is a way of spending taxpayer dollars and everyone will go along with it. I don’t see our world getting safer. I hate to say it but you better get a gun and hope for the best. Or you can listen to the do-gooders who protest against police arresting hoodlums.

Ken McKissack


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