Monday's front page headlines offer quite a contrast. "Trump's 'great patriot' farmers follow him into trade war." The other is "The unassuming hero" about a WWII combat vet who saw some of the worst fighting of the war.

We know that Trump's mouth and tweets have likely caused as much anger in the world as his lack of knowledge about trade. It seems as if his only "friends" are the Russians, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and U.S. "evangelicals." China responded last summer by stopping importing farm produce from the U.S. and now buys it from Russia. Trump has already provided $9.5 billion in welfare to farmers and is wanting $20 billion more to cover his mistakes and assure that farmers continue to vote for him. So, where will he and the rest of the GOP get the money? Borrow it from China, of course. Don't you just love all this "winning?"

I am the son and grandson of farmers and I also once farmed. Now, much of farming has become just another big business that wants government handouts while they decry "socialism."

Think about this quote in the article from one of the farmers: "We are the frontline soldiers getting killed as this trade war goes on." Of course, Trump can understand their plight a lot more than he can understand the heroism of the WWII vet. He demonstrated a lot of "courage" getting his daddy to bribe a doctor to attest to his (fake) bone spurs. Plus, he endured the danger of STDs while some of us were fighting in Vietnam for two years.

"Great patriot farmers?" I would have a problem calling these Trump supporters "patriots," let alone "great patriots."

Carl Hess


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