We could have followed Senate Majority Leader Mitch "Moscow Mitch" McConnell' s inclination before the articles of impeachment arrived in the Senate and declared Trump acquitted. Not because Trump was innocent but because the Republicans in the Senate (except for one) are spineless and have contempt for the law, the truth, and the Constitution. Of course, in fairness, the spineless Republicans in the Senate are no worse than the spineless creatures in the House. One of the thugs (lawyers) attempting to defend Trump said the unanimous vote by House Republicans showed that Trump is innocent. That's not what it showed at all.

Members of other nations must giggle when they hear the National Anthem sung and they hear "...home of the brave." Likewise, all those who died defending America and her Constitution must be turning over in their graves.

Unless I am mistaken, every Republican in Alabama running for either house of congress is toadying to Trump and is in a contest with other candidates to see who can kiss up most. They seem to have no problem with endorsing the fact that Trump has told 13,000 lies, created trillion-dollar deficits, angered our allies and is in bed with our enemies, is the most incompetent president in history, brags about assaulting women, has open contempt for the Constitution, the Bible, the law, and human life.

It seems as if Jeff Coleman is trying to get ahead of the pack by being lawless. There is a sign on U.S. 231 saying it is unlawful to advertise on the right of way. Yet we see dozens of Coleman's signs. What's the "theory" behind putting dozens of signs in the same place? Does he think Republican voters are that ignorant?

Carl L. Hess


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