How much does one have to hate President Trump to try and discredit his policies that have brought a booming economy and the highest jobs growth for minorities and women in decades? How much do you have to hate the man to wish a collapse of the national economy? How much do you have to hate the president to hope his foreign diplomatic efforts against our adversaries fail? How many of you are out there right now sacrificing in hopes he can bring a more level field to international trade? How do you feel when fellow Americans resist him and undercut your sacrifice because they can’t stand the man trying to drain the swamp?

If you’re one of those with a retirement plan invested in the market or some other plan, how much do you stand to lose if the president fails and the economy tanks? Because that’s exactly what the Democratic Party and a progressive letter writer to this paper hope for all in the name of grabbing power. They know your job’s existence is tied to the success of the company you work for. If the economy fails, the company has to lay people off and they hope you will blame Trump. You’re back in the Democrat’s world living off dead end handouts and marching to their socialist tune -- a neverending cycle of dependency fueled by their fear mongering tales of class warfare and race baiting.

Democrats are offering pie in the sky free this and that. Do they have a magic money tree hidden somewhere? If you have skin in the game that free stuff is going to come out of your pocket. Only a fool or someone looking for a free ride off the backs of his fellow citizens would think otherwise.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

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