A recent progressive writer derided President Trump for his lack of military service just as he derided President Bush for his National Guard service rather than regular service. What that writer failed to tell you was his two most recent hero presidents never served a single second in military service to this country. One even went so far as to view the nation as a racist imperialist colonial power and spent the first part of his administration saying that as he conducted apology tours to the world -- the same world this nation’s blood and treasure saved from tyranny numerous times. That same president spent his administration dividing this country along racial, class, and economic lines, a standard Democrat political tactic.

The Democrats are currently in an internal war for control of the party between communists/socialists and old line liberals. The Mueller report failed to implicate President Trump on collusion and Democrats went into denial making insane demands. They denounced the roaring economy and tax cuts as nothing but money in the rich man’s pockets. When that didn’t work they derided the best job growth in 50 years especially among minorities as nothing but low wage jobs. When that didn’t fly they claimed all this good national fortune was due to the Obama administration. They can’t stand the fact that its Trump administration rollbacks of Obama restrictions on business and industry and renegotiating of bad treaties that is stimulating job and economic growth.

The progressive writer then questions the patriotism of farmers who are currently taking the brunt of the tariffs war with China. If I were a farmer knowing the risks that farming brings and willing to take one in the short term in hopes the country would prosper, I’d resent that barb.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

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