I am writing this on Friday, Dec. 12, reflecting on this past week, and there is so much to write about and so few words allowed.

Employment numbers for November came out today announcing 266,000 jobs created last month, driving the unemployment down to 3.5% (lowest in over 50 years).

There are more jobs available today than Americans to fill them! More blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women are working than ever before in our history.

The stock market is breaking records every day it seems and people have more disposable money than the last 60 years.

We have the first president in the 21st Century who hasn’t started a war somewhere in the world. Just three years after Obama spent eight years dragging us through the most anemic recovery in American history.

Yet, the Democrat Party is in an absolute meltdown. Joe Biden has put his wife’s fingers in his mouth during one of her speeches. He has told us how in his younger days as a lifeguard, children would play with the white hairs on his legs. He challenged an 83-year-old man to a pushup contest when the old Democrat challenged him during his “No Malarkey” tour in Iowa. He called the old Democrat “fat” and a damned bald-faced liar.

When Kamala Harris had to quit her presidential hopes because she couldn’t raise money, she of course, blamed racism and sexism. Leftist voices country-wide joined in. This is a primary not a general election, so it never fazed these unthinking, do-nothing Democrats that they were accusing fellow Democrats of racism and sexism.

I wish I had room to address (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi’s meltdown or the joke of the impeachment hearings. Maybe next time!

Jim Faust


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