The devil has found a way to get into churches and, as usual, they don't even realize it. I thought the issues of homosexuals and sexual abuse were bad but they are not near as bad in the church as the doctrine of Calvinism.

People better look long and hard at this doctrine before they jump on board with it. They better do more than just listen to some preacher promote it. Instead of playing games all the time, they need to use that computer and internet to research this issue. If you do try to research Calvinism, try to find material that is not biased for or against it; find material that gives the teachings of this doctrine and make up your own mind.

This teaching is keeping large churches and denominations from accomplishing a lot of great things they could do for and with Jesus Christ. Some churches and denominations could split up over this issue of Calvinism. That is why I say the devil is behind this.

Ken McKissack


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