Disgusted with GOP

For some time, it has seemed that Texas and Alabama were in a contest to see who could send the most worthless, anti-American Republicans to the U.S. Congress. Texas is blessed (cursed) with Louie Gohmert and Alabama has Mo Brooks. But, that was before the impeachment hearings and we saw the ranking member of the judiciary committee (Doug Collins of Georgia) in his act. The old lawyer adage: “If the law is on your side, argue the law. If the facts are on your side, argue the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, argue loudly.”

Collins doesn’t seem to have learned much else, such as respecting the law and the Constitution, but he demonstrated great knowledge of the adage. He is also in the running for liar of the year. At one point, he said Trump has fulfilled every campaign promise he made.

A recent poll has shown that the majority of Republicans think Trump is a greater president than Abraham Lincoln. I can think of few things that illustrate the depravity (or ignorance) of the party more than this.

During the 1980s, after congress learned that Reagan sent Ollie North and fellow thugs to sell arms to terrorists in Iran, a Republican senator talked about people who had no patriotism and “wrap themselves in the flag while spitting on the Constitution.” Many of us agreed and were disgusted.

Today, almost all of the Republicans in congress and definitely the Republican in the White House are literally spitting on the Constitution (and the rule of law). Hardly a day goes by that Trump doesn’t verbally indicate his contempt for the Constitution. A picture of Trump on the front page of the Dec. 16 Eagle depicted him saying the Pledge of Allegiance. A little strange since the Pledge was written by a Socialist and the GOP professes to hate Socialists.

Trump is known to utter mindless phrases over and over (such as “witch hunt”). Now, one of his favorite insults is calling people “human scum.” I would never direct that term toward Trump. He shows little evidence of being “human.”

Carl Hess


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