I am not responding to the letter, “Legislation and Abortion” (Letters to the Editor, May 5) to defend God of the allegations presented in that letter because he doesn’t need my help -- he’s got this. However, I do want to address other issues the letter omits.

First and foremost, every woman has autonomy over her body. The unborn child is not her body, therefore she has no right to murder that child through abortion.

Women want freedom of choice. They have freedom of choice! The omission here is that the choice needs to be made before having sex. There are many excuses (I was too drunk, caught up in the moment, he talked me into it). These are all choices, too.

Every choice comes with a consequence. If a woman is not prepared to give birth to a child, then don’t get pregnant. Make the right choice. Use birth control or don’t have sex. Stop using abortion as a means of birth control!

And before anyone calls me an ignorant Republican male, I’m a female. My name is just spelled differently.

BB Saunders


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