Specifically, I address my letter to the naysayers of the execution of Nathaniel Woods. The murdered victims’ families feel much differently, as do I. Unless you have had a family member murdered in cold blood with no chance of a fight or struggle, you really can’t relate to this in the least.

My family has experienced this horrific act. We know. You think your religious convictions would guide you in one direction as to a perpetrator’s or co-conspirator’s sentence. My mind has never changed and will never change about the death sentence the murderer received in our case.

I, too, shall address abortion only in the event of rape. You think you know your convictions about that, as well. Until your mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, or friend have been raped, you really don’t know your answer. Unless you have been face to face with a brutally raped female, you do not know your absolute convictions.

Save yourself some time with rebuttals and preaching. I am a religious person. I am a prayerful person. Again, unless you have faced these experiences head-on, you really don’t know your convictions with 100 percent certainty. I only voice my perspective from personal experience. I do so in hopes that a few people will pause for a moment and think about being in someone else’s shoes.

Susan Bradshaw


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