An event on Sept.26 focuses on a key fundamental of life and well-being: Family Day. Families set this day aside to spend time together and to have a sit-down meal. It is no

longer a formality now but a burden to take time to be with those you love. This must change. Family Day promotes habits that will lead to a decrease in children choosing destructive decisions, an increase of mental health for future generations, and a successful community.

With Family Day, parents can develop a routine that permanently benefits their children and society. Studies show that parental engagement in a child’s life helps keep him or her from harmful behaviors, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, those lacking healthy relationships with parents are two to four times more likely to use marijuana, abuse alcohol, and use tobacco. The National Institute of Mental Health states a strong family relationship is the best way to nurture a child’s mental health; parents are able to show strong, supporting love to a child, thus building self-esteem, conversation skills, and life lessons, such as how to tackle problems and how to handle emotions. Since Dothan is growing, the development of the youth’s leadership and communication skills is key. When family time becomes a priority, the leaders of tomorrow become stronger.

The celebration of Family Day is the beginning stone of a path Dothan must take to reach a better future. As said best by John Wooden, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” The future can be saved by what we choose now; a focus on Family Day is one giant leap for mankind towards that goal.

Carrie Elaine Smith

Dothan High School SADD Officer


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