I know that Memorial Day is celebrated in different ways across this great land, but I would like to apologize to Mr. Whitehurst, the World War II hero who was recently brought home. I went over to put a small flag on his grave, but due to a recent back surgery, I had a lot of trouble pounding a screwdriver into the hard dirt to stick it in the ground. It eventually broke, so I put the flag on the nearest flowers.

This veteran does remember your service and did the best I could to honor you.

As I looked around the cemetery, there wasn’t a flag in sight. On my family plot where my father and uncles rest, I can guarantee that flags were flying. Put on by the local church youth group in flag holders that were put on veterans’ graves by local veterans’ groups.

It seems as though Mr. Whitehurst was brought home to a big hoopla, and then out of sight, out of mind.

Ronald Bourdlaies


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