After reading Mr. Sanford S. William’s July 31 letter to the editor revealing his confusion over what Secretary of State John Merrill meant by “Alabama values,” I thought I might try to enlighten him a little.

On July 11, while driving north on 231 at mile marker 51, a car swerved in front of me from the left lane and hit a tree going at least 60 miles an hour. I called 911 and I saw a very pregnant young women crawl out of the driver’s door. Her mother was in the passenger seat completely unresponsive but breathing and her two or three-year-old son was walking around and screaming in the back which, by the way, had no car seat.

I grabbed the baby because the car was smoking and tried talking with 911 with the baby still screaming. People started pulling over to help and one young lady took the baby so I could continue to give 911 updates. Before long 25 to 30 people were there trying to help, along with a State Trooper, paramedics, and volunteer EMT from Ariton.

I read Mr. William’s letter accusing Alabama of “segregated policies with regard to access to education, economic opportunity or voting rights.” He characterized Alabama as a “state without equal opportunity or justice against its residents of color, women, the poor” and all the other typical liberal blather. I have yet to mention that the occupants of the car were black. I didn’t reflect on this until suffering through his letter, but every person who stopped to help with the accident was, as he puts it, people of “white privilege.” Every one of them! All stopped to help a family with no concern of skin color. I believe this is what Secretary of State Merrill might have meant by “Alabama values.”

Jim Faust


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