Last week, an AP article indicated Trump is fulfilling the entire wish list of the religious right. That's good, right?

Well, no. Trump only does and says things he believes will benefit Donald Trump and the most visible leaders of the religious right are motivated by the same things -- money and political power. Eighty-one percent of the religious right, aka "evangelicals," supported Trump in 2016 and he needs them more than ever today as his approval rating has dropped to 36 percent. Thankfully, the AP writer didn't refer to them as the "Christian Right." The religious right has been around longer than Christianity.

The Old Testament writer, Amos, said they couldn't wait for the religious days to end so they could resume robbing the poor and Amos referred to them as "fat cows." Two thousand years ago, they were known as "Pharisees" and Jesus saved his harshest criticism for them.

Trump said voters must support him in 2020 because he is the only one who can save the economy (the economy he has ruined with welfare for the rich and his stupid trade wars). Have we, as Americans, stooped so low that money is our main motivating factor, outweighing morality, patriotism, integrity, and competence? What if the brave Americans who gave their lives for this country had this attitude?

Jesus said we could serve money or serve God, but not both.

Carl Hess


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