As I passed by the local florists' shop in downtown Geneva, the sign out front stated "Pray for Geneva." At first I assume it was an aside for acknowledging the New Year and the hope it would bring to shake off another long year under the shroud of the occupant of the Oval Office. It dawned on me it had referenced the tragic passing of the three high school girls who were taken away in an automobile accident during this past holiday season.

To the families, friends and loved ones of these young ladies, no one would expect to enter the New Year in heartbreak. There is enough misery, chaos and strife that have gone around these past two years. Yet despite all that you are going through, do not give up hope. Think not of how they left but how they lived, the joy and laughter they shared with you and others. This is just a season; it too shall pass. Do not stop your lives because of this great loss. In doing so would be to state the lives were for naught. It is necessary to grieve, yet do not let your grief deny you of ever living your best lives.

These young ladies are in the Kingdom of God. Their wings have been earned and have allowed them to fly across the universe. They are walking with you in spirit. Do not lose heart, for you will see them again. To paraphrase a minister from a homegoing of a relative, "The greatest gift {these young ladies} received is eternal life." When the tears have flown, joy and happiness will return. What you are going through now, you must not give up yet. Hold on and never stop fighting.

Sanford S. Williams


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