Every once in a while, someone submits a Letter to the Editor conveying a meaningful and thoughtful message, one that elicits a “right on” or a “you nailed it” proclamation. Such was the letter by Jim Faust on Feb. 19. His response to a letter from Ozark was classic as well as potentially valuable — particularly if one prefers not to serve on a jury.

I’ve long since passed the age where serving is subject to the direction of the court but learned another option some years ago while being called too often for jury pools. Lawyers, in those years, had a penchant for asking potential jurors what bumper stickers they displayed on their vehicles. It didn’t take long for me to figure out which stickers would prompt a rejection from either defense or prosecution. If the question was included in their interview, it seemed one or the other would object and the judge would release me from the pool.

If you are being harassed with more than your fair share of calls to jury pools, you might add this one to your responses. Just be sure those controversial stickers are on your bumper. And, thanks Jim Faust for a well written response and jogging this memory cell.

William Bass


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