When Democrats and their mainstream media mouthpieces self-righteously deplore the hundreds of mass shootings per year in this country, they never seem to mention that the overwhelming majority of the shooters are not white males, and that the overwhelming majority of the guns used are not semi-automatic rifles.

You see, included in the number of mass shootings is any shooting where there are four or more victims. So this means that the overwhelming majority of mass shootings are perpetrated by inner-city young males -- a few are white, some are Hispanic, but most are black, and the firearm used is seldom, if ever, a semi-automatic rifle.

So why would the psychopathic political class and their big donor bosses want to disarm the middle-class, law-abiding, tax-paying, producing, freedom-loving people, when throughout history this has, without exception, resulted in genocide?

I, for one, will not comply with any further erosion of my natural, or God-given civil right of self-defense, and the defense of my loved ones that is guaranteed against infringement by the US Constitution and that may require the semi-automatic rifle of my choice to be relevant.

I will not comply.

Joe Fondren


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