Imagine with me for a brief moment that we are observers in an emergency room and are allowed to be present as the ER doctor examines a person just brought into the ER. The doctor confirms that the person can turn his head and is frowning in between hiccups. Although the person has urinated and is grasping for objects with his hands, all organ systems are functioning. The person’s skeletal structure, nerves, and circulation seem to be operating normally. To complete the examination, the doctor also gives a cursory look at the person’s teeth and fingernails. Now, to our complete horror, the doctor declares that this person is really not a person, or at least not a person worth saving, and stabs the person in his heart and kills him.

What would we do? We would probably call the police.

What I have just described are the general characteristics of a 10-week-old pre-born baby who is NOT protected by law because he or she is not deemed to be worth saving or viable. And so, it is legal in our country to kill such first trimester babies in virtually every state. These pre-borns are perfectly healthy, growing individuals with their own unique 46 chromosomes and, many times, a different blood type than their own mother. These children only need time, nourishment, and a safe place to live in order to make it to their birth dates, and, at such a young age, only their mothers can give them all three of these.

Thursday, Jan. 22, is the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that threw a constitutional cloak of legitimacy over the taking of innocent life leading to the untimely deaths of over 50 million pre-born children in our country. Only 2 percent of abortions are even reported to be because of rape or incest, which leaves 98 percent of abortions in the “reproductive health” or “woman’s right to her own body” categories.

There is no greater tragedy or injustice going on any place on our planet than the sanctioned killing of innocent pre-born children. God’s Law commands that “Thou shall not kill.” It is simply wrong and profoundly immoral to argue that a woman has the right to kill an innocent child. Period.

So, the next time you ask God to bless America, ask yourself why he would do that. Why would he bless a country that allows such a thing to continue under the guise of constitutionality and justice? It is neither constitutional nor just. Only “We the people…” have the power to make it right. I pray we will.

Dr. Patrick J. Harris


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