‘We’ve never been closer to a miscalculation’

Television host Jake Tapper asked presidential candidates about a No First Use policy for the United States. Instead of referencing the fact that the majority of Americans like myself support the United States adopting a policy that states the U.S. will never use nuclear weapons first, he used a pro-war frame, erroneously claiming No First Use ties the president’s hands.

The reality is that a No First Use policy for the United States would simply state the U.S. will not initiate a nuclear war. Right now, arms control treaties that reduce the amount of nuclear weapons in the world and communications between world leaders are falling apart, and a whole new generation of trillion-dollar new nuclear weapons with shorter warning times is being built. We’ve never been closer to a miscalculation. Just 50 nukes would create a global nuclear winter. India and Pakistan have about 100 each, and are fighting over their only water supply.

That’s why Americans and the media should be pressing every presidential candidate to commit to not use nuclear weapons first and for mutually verifiable disarmament and non-proliferation. The world’s deadliest weapons will not go away unless we work to make it so.

Craig McManus



‘Some don’t know what Jesus taught’

Too often we like to make others live by human rules rather than Christ’s nature of mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, love, peace, and thankfulness (Collossians 2:20-3:17).

Many people don’t know who John Calvin or John Wesley were; much fewer know what their doctrine was.

What bothers me is some people don’t even know what Jesus taught – too steeped in the traditions of men that make the word of God of no effect.

A little boy in Sunday School was asked “Who slew his brother?”

The little boy responded, “Teacher, I don’t even know who Slewy was.”

Pat Skeen



Congress should consider retirement reform

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones sent an emissary to Glen East, ostensibly to accumulate senior suggestions, per page 1 of the July 30 Dothan Eagle. An outstanding proposal regarding senior citizens – retirement reform – was revealed in Hugh Hewitt’s opinion column on page 4 of the same edition. He advocates the elimination of taxing money withdrawn from a savings account for the purpose of reducing or paying off home loans.

When Sen. Jones and his cohorts return to work in September, they are likely to continue the unreasonable delay on immigration reform. In the meantime, consideration of Hewitt’s worthy suggestion regarding retirement is something on which they might agree. After all, we paid taxes on money saved while we were earning it.

William H. Bell



Thanks for the new flag rope

On July 1, I went by Burns Assembly of God Church to check on putting a new rope on my flag. When I got out of the truck to check on the flag, there was already a new rope on it.

I don’t know when or by whom it was replaced, but I want to really thank whoever did it. Thanks very much.

Sgt. Lloyd H. Coker



Have these rules been watered down?

When I was drafted into the Army, one of the first things I learned was that you better respect the flag and stand at attention when it was presented. When the National Anthem was sung, it represented a beautiful world.

If you did not obey, you got a white shirt and a one-way ticket on a Greyhound bus. You were unfit for military service, and you could not work on a military base.

My question is: Have these rules been watered down?

Lomax E. Robinette


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