Luke Douglas's Feb. 23 letter to the editor stating his disagreement with Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom misses an important point.

Since its inception in 1963 by President Kennedy, it's been given to a number of recipients who were recognized for "cultural or other significant public or private endeavors" in a variety of areas. One of the categories is radio.

According to one internet source, adults 21 and older make up almost 200 million of the US population. Limbaugh's radio show, according to Forbes, reaches 20 million listeners each month on more than 650 stations. Regardless of your personal feeling about Limbaugh, that following strikes me as a pretty "significant private endeavor."

For reference purposes only, at this point in his first term, former President Obama had awarded 32 medals, while former President George W. Bush had given the award to 23 people. President Trump has awarded 13 medals.

Bill Brooks


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