In response to a June 9 letter to the editor, we agree that our roadsides are in a sad state of being littered by garbage from those who think the county is their garbage can.

The writer also calls upon our “leadership” to do something about it. I can tell you from going to many Houston County Commissioner meetings that this is a topic that is discussed often. The commission has explored different options on how to address the situation, including calling upon the residents to get involved. As far as local cities and towns, I would encourage folks to attend your local meetings and inquire.

What is stopping us, the residents of Houston County, from gathering friends and neighbors to start hitting the roadsides? My wife and I go out a couple times a week and pick up on our street. We didn’t need the leadership to tell us that. We saw the need and grabbed garbage bags, gloves, and went to work. We have even collected along South Park Avenue, particularly at the intersection of Highway 605.

One morning, in a four-hour timeframe, we collected 10 giant bags of garbage along various points along South Park Avenue. We didn’t need anyone from the government to tell us take care of our surroundings.

Finally, we need to be in this for the long haul. This is not a one-time fix. This issue is becoming bigger than our local towns, cities, and county government.

We need to rally together as a community and take care of what God has created.

Steve Kucinski


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