Having just finished reading the article on abortion (“Women facing restriction seek procedures out of state,” Sept. 9) I am forced to the conclusion that the onerous, heinous nature of baby Sebastian's "crime" is that he "was severely underdeveloped and had only half a heart." And the punishment for this "crime" involved the forfeiture of his life.

In any universe, does this make any sense? The child is not perfect, so let's get rid of it now!

Just when did Sebastian have the opportunity to plead his case? Oh, that's right, he didn't, because he is not considered a person until someone other than he declares him to be one, and until that moment he is denied the protections of the U. S. Constitution.

Though I grieve with his mother, and with the mothers of countless victims of abortion, we must stop this senseless slaughter of the innocents.

Someone more articulate than I once said the measure of a society is how it treats the most vulnerable in it.

This society, sad to say, places far more importance on the comfort of some by relieving the inconvenience of raising an "imperfect" child than on the preservation of the life of a baby. We seem to be more concerned with preserving the lives of some of the perpetrators of the most abhorrent real crimes than with the life of an innocent.

May God have mercy on this nation.

James Adie


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