A customary benefactor intent on exhibiting his disdain for Alabama’s abortion ban urges students to boycott a school named in his honor – the Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law at the University of Alabama – “until the state gets its act together.” Although not an alumnus like his father, he says the two of them donated to help rid Alabama of “backward hicks lacking sophistication to see both sides of an argument.”

Despite their efforts to eliminate the vermin among us, Culverhouse says we have merely reinforced the stereotype he and his father have “tried so hard to eliminate.” Dissidents like this would be celebrated on some college and university campuses, but not this one. The portion of his pledge that had been received to date, more than $21 million, has been rejected and returned. Also, his name has been taken down from the law school.

Culverhouse believes the striking of his name from the law school and the return of money resulted from his outspoken criticism of pro-life Alabama. Chancellor Finis St. John said the action had nothing to do with abortion; it stemmed solely from the donor’s expectations (attempt to dictate how the funds would be spent).

Regardless of motivation, kudos to the University of Alabama for teaching this lawyer that money doesn’t equate with sophistication.

William H. Bell


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