I'd never heard of the term "crimes of moral turpitude" until I moved to the State of Alabama and attempted to vote absentee ballot. On the back of my application to vote absentee was a long and tedious list of "the crimes of moral turpitude." It was overwhelming. There were so many of them I might unknowingly be guilty of such crime.

Then, I reflected, the State of Alabama could sure write the book on "crimes of moral turpitude" — an adulterous governor; a former Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court accused of diddling under-aged girls; a former Alabama Speaker of the House convicted of numerous crimes of various sorts — and Alabamans would happily vote every damn one of them back into office. And, Alabamans voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

The only way all of this made any sense to me was to realize that honesty, integrity, truth-telling, and decency are "crimes of moral turpitude" in Alabama. The way my parents brought me up, I've been guilty of those things many times.

Karen Hedwig Backman


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