I am writing in response to Ken McKissack's June 23 letter to the editor entitled "Devil is behind Creep of Calvinism." Having come from a religious, Protestant background that felt the same way about Calvinism as does Mr. McKissack, I understand his concerns. However, I now embrace Calvinism wholeheartedly because I believe it is what the Bible teaches from Genesis to Revelation. I understand the inner battle with giving up our autonomy in the salvation process, which is what Calvinism/the Bible teaches. God is sovereign over all of life including the salvation of each individual he chooses to save.

It is extremely difficult for me and for any other human to willing give up control in his or her life. So I understand the inner struggle of embracing this doctrine. But we are not relinquishing control of our lives or our eternal salvation to a tyrant. We are giving control of our lives and giving the control of our eternity to a God who is loving, good, and who knows what's best for us even better than we do.

I appreciate Mr. McKissack's encouragement for folks to explore this doctrine for themselves. That is very wise counsel.

Adam Comeens


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