Concerning your book, "Dothan Memories: History of the years from 1800s through 1960s,” I feel like the history during those years did not have as many self-centered leaders as we have had from the 1960s until now. Don't get me wrong -- we have had some good city commissioners, etc. But to me, since the 1960s we have had a lot of local leaders who are more concerned about their real estate than they are about the good of our city.

One of the worst examples would be when the powers that be killed our chance (and maybe only chance) at an interstate highway involving Dothan. If these same people had been in leadership positions when the Ross Clark Circle was built, it would have never happened.

I hope the names of these of these people who fought against the Dothan interstate get their place in the next Dothan Memories book.

Ken McKissack


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