Open letter to Jeff Sessions

In your mailing, you thanked me for reaching out to you so I want to do that. I’m almost 73 years old, and that means that I’ve been in the position to vote for you in every election that you have ever run in. I have done that; I’ve voted for you every time you ever ran for office.

I was so proud when President Donald Trump asked you to be our attorney general because I knew that finally — finally — we were going to clean out the corruption in Washington, D.C. I bragged to all my Yankee friends that our man from Alabama was going to put the crooked politicians in Washington in jail where they belonged.

You can’t possible imagine how disappointed I was in your short tenure of office. Not sure if it was disappointment or just embarrassed at your do-nothing attitude. I kept waiting for the shoe to fall but nothing happened.

You might have served the state of Alabama well in your terms as U.S. senator, but you failed the nation in the role of U.S. attorney general. You had your chance and you blew it. You could have been another Albert Patterson but you failed. You need to quietly fade into the background and enjoy retirement. You will not get my vote or the vote of anyone in my family.

Because of him, I am

Jerome Baxley


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