I would like to begin by saying that the June 14 article 2nd Lt. Coddie Curry, a graduate of Dothan High School and West Point was outstanding. Her display of courage and tenacity used to reach her goals should be inspiring to everyone who read her story. The timing of the article is definitely appropriate because our high school seniors have just graduated and some of them might be able to use Lt. Curry's story to help them decide their path for the future and give them the courage to pursue it with confidence.

The issue I have with this article is that while Lt. Curry's story covered most of the front page -- thank you for allowing her that much space -- on both sides of her story are reports about criminals. I would like to have seen, and hope in the future when you have such a great story as hers, that you would put the criminals on another page and keep the front page positive and inspiring.

Ed Jett


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