I see where the mayor, city manager and several commissioners voted to raise the community services officer's pay over $18,000, but denied the police officers a raise. Now that is ignorant leaders who do that.

The community services officer is nothing more than a public relations officer, not a police officer. The police deserve a pay raise to bring them in line with what other cities our size pay and I can guarantee you that Dothan is at or close to the bottom. You can spend money on parks, recreation, planting shrubs and flowers to make Dothan look pretty and other items that could wait. Your priorities are out of line and keeping qualified officers should be at the top of your list of things to do.

I know for a fact that Dothan and other agencies have lost well-qualified officers to other departments that pay a lot better than Dothan does. So the police department hires these people, sends them to the academy and then what happens? They leave for better paying jobs.

You city leaders need to remember, these officers have families to support and they need your support, as well. I know that the city has a budget to live within, but it did not seem to be a problem to raise a job position by more than $18,000 at one meeting, so I am sure you could find the money for a pay raise for these officers that defend you and your families 24 hours a day.

So get off your butts and start the process for giving these officers a raise. By the way, also remember when elections come around again, you may not be back in office, so start taking care of these officers.

LaDon Joyner


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