The biggest news coming out of the 2016 election was “The Russians hacked our Election” and “Trump colluded with the Russians.” Thanks to lying Democrats and CNN/MSNBC, we heard this daily. Well, after 2 ½ years and $37 million, we learned that the Russians attempted to interfere but the only thing actually hacked was the server at the Democratic National Headquarters (DNC). They tried to hack the RNC server but were unable to do so. The DNC refused to turn the server over to the FBI for forensic examination and today nobody admits to know where it is. I personally think Bill Clinton buried it at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s under-age sex slave resorts. Clinton was a regular visitor.

We learned through Wikileaks the only collusion was between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, and certain news corporations. That collusion was to rob Bernie Sanders of the Democratic nomination. DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign in disgrace. After years of lying, Donna Brazile, a former DNC chairperson and part-time contributor for CNN, finally admitted to passing on debate questions to the Clinton campaign for the CNN Debate. I remember wondering during the 2015-16 Clinton/Sanders debates why all the debates were scheduled the same times as college bowl games, pay-per-view fights, and Monday night football. It was because the DNC didn’t want anybody to watch the debates to keep Sanders down in the polls.

Well poor Bernie, the “fix” is in again. This time, three-time loser Joe Biden is the “fair-haired” candidate. Why did Nancy Pelosi sit on the Articles of Impeachment for 33 days after Democratic Impeachers told us for months that the impeachment had to be done before Christmas because President Trump was an “immediate threat to our national security” and a “clear and present danger?” The 33-day delay was to sideline Sanders along with Warren, Klobucher, and Bennett in the senate for the hearings during the runup to the Iowa Caucus. The Democratic Establishment knew the president would never be removed from office; they couldn’t even charge him with an actual crime. The real target was Bernie. However, the DNC didn’t think that sidelining Bernie would actually move him ahead in the polls. And now they want us to believe they don’t have the Iowa election results? Even Democrats aren’t so stupid as to not being able to calculate election results.

Make no mistake Bernie, the fix is in again. The Democrats will never let a Jewish person head its ticket. That is not in their history. Listen to Rep. Omar! The Dems in the House refuse to even censure her for her anti-Semitic rants. Democrats are running all over New Jersey and New York assaulting and killing orthodox Jews and being released immediately with no bail from police stations to assault again. Sounds like pre-World War II Germany and yet they call Republicans Nazis?

Jim Faust


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