Your Jan. 21 editorial was summarized nicely by two pertinent questions. In addressing the first one, Joe Biden bragged that he did exactly what Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler investigated the president for doing. No evidence of corruption resulted, and many Democrats consider Biden to be their best chance to defeat Trump.

In November, 1020, an Iraqi businessman visited Vice President Joe Biden in his office. Biden’s brother, James, was awarded a contract just three weeks later to build 100,000 homes in Iraq. Exactly the same as nephew Hunter’s involvement with Burisma Gas in Ukraine, Janes had no experience whatsoever in the construction industry.

Peter Schweizer, a credible investigative reporter, reveals in his recently released book, Profiles in Corruption, other members of the Biden family also benefitted from the family name — including brother Frank and sister Valerie. Frank got $54 million in a taxpayer-backed loan during Joe’s tenure as vice president.

Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney have children “working” for Ukranian gas companies. All of them are eager to see Trump removed from office. The dots are easy to see, but the chance of connecting them with a legitimate law enforcement investigation is slim to none.

The answer to your second question is a resounding yes — the absence of an investigation into corruption involving the Bidens does more than lend credence to the impeachment trial being a partisan initiative — it is proof positive.

William H. Bell


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