It appears another outlier U.S. Senator wannabe, Tommy Tuberville, favors using “smarter foreign workers” to fill higher-paying Alabama jobs, as quoted by Breitbart News regarding Tuberville's words on the Jeff Poor Radio Show and others.

It seems Tuberville was once hired into physical education at a Cow College up north of here somewhere. Unsubstantiated rumor says he was once charged with impersonating a college football coach, but the charge was later dropped for a lack of evidence.

You reckon Tuberville ever contemplates that if Higher (Sic) Education would focus less on charging obscene amounts for cramming Cultural Communism, a la Antonio Gramcci, down the throats of American students, and focus more on a quality basic education in the STEM fields, that there might just be a lot less so-called need for foreigners?

Joe Fondren


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