Anyone remember all the way back to the 1980s when Reagan toady Ollie North and fellow thugs sold weapons to terrorists? During the congressional hearings that erupted after this sorry affair came to light, a Republican senator made a statement about those who "wrap themselves in the flag while spitting on the Constitution." I know it would be difficult for a young person today to believe, but 35 years ago, there were still a few Republicans in congress with a sense of patriotism, morality, and respect for the oath of office.

Now, Trump is talking about the Constitution being "phony." He's not only spitting on the Constitution but on the graves of those who wrote it as well as on the graves of those who died defending this country.

Suppose Trump had been president on Dec. 7, 1941. Would he have sent Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle with his 16 B-25 bombers on a virtual suicide mission to bomb Japan in retaliation? Or would he have sent the vice president to Japan to "negotiate" a ceasefire in Hawaii for a week so our military could bug out as the Japanese raised their flag over our former bases?

There was a time when Republicans were for "law and order" and praised the police and prosecutors for capturing and prosecuting criminals. Now, they are busy persecuting those who try to enforce the law and protect America. They are in bed with the pro-terrorist NRA who call law enforcement officers "Nazis" and "jack-booted thugs."

Carl Hess


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