In the 1860 Presidential Election, one year before the Civil War; not a single person who voted for the Republican candidate owned a slave. Now, I didn’t say a single Republican leader or a single Republican politician; I said not a single person who voted for the Republican candidate owned a slave! That means that in 1860, 4 million slaves were all owned by Democrats. That is historical fact and I challenge anyone to prove it wrong -- you can’t. The fact is that only voters who voted Democrat owned slaves, advocated for slavery’s protection and even expansion, and enforced the idea that slaves were merely “property” and could be treated however the slaves’ owner wanted to treat him/her.

Given those solid and indisputable facts and the American judicial practice of holding those responsible for the damage inflicted upon their victims, my solution for reparations is simple and fair. The Democratic Party and every registered Democrat should only be taxed and the money given to American citizens whose ancestors were enslaved by Democrats. This is a win-win solution for the Democrats as it gives black Americans the money the Democrats say every four years they deserve and the Democrats can maybe get over their “white guilt” once and for all. While they are giving up their money, Democrats should also give money to those Americans who descended from the Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations who were forcibly removed from their ancestral homes by a Democratic President, Andrew Jackson, and the forced relocation funded by a Democratic Congress. They could then pay reparations to descendants of Japanese Americans who were forced into concentration camps during World War II by Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt and funded by a Democratic Congress. We might also give black Americans extra reparations for Democratic President Woodrow Wilson’s policy of removing all blacks from the Civil Service. And let’s not forget paying black Americans for the Jim Crow laws enacted by Democratic state legislatures and enforced by Democratic governors.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Jim Faust


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