Several things are clear as a result of the two House hearings on the Mueller Report.

1. The Democrats lost abysmally in their attempt to fan the flames of the calls for impeachment. By any reasonable standard, the debacle we witnessed was disgraceful.

2. The Republicans are rejoicing over the performance and the dishonor it has brought upon the Democrats (and also upon the Congress and the United States government).

My point, today is to point out a third result -- the public decline and humiliation of a fine, patriotic American, Robert Mueller.

Mr. Mueller has a resume of which we all should be proud. He served in our military where he compiled an admirable record of duty, and gave decades of his life in support of our republic, of its ideals and of the "right" thing to do.

What we witnessed was the decline of a fine human being, whose longtime record of exceptional service to this country will not be remembered in history. Instead, the memory will be that of an individual stumbling to answer questions which he never should have been asked. It is evident by now that his prime has passed and it is embarrassing that those who exalted him earlier as the "gold standard" should now take such joy in throwing him under the bus.

Unlike John McCain, whose public persona was that of a jerk but who will be remembered correctly as a patriot for his exemplary military record, Mr. Mueller's memory will be that which we painfully witnessed before the House hearings instead of the patriot he actually was and is.

To all political sides, I say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, and I hope we are never again treated to such a tawdry process.

To Mr. Mueller, I say this country owes you an apology and my hope is that this debacle will somehow lead us to a more courteous civil discourse and debate on policies.

James Adie


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