I'm sitting here pondering the great (Dothan superintendent Phyllis) Edwards-(Dothan school board chairman Mike) Schmitz Exodus from Dothan and I'd like to hand out some tips for all of our new neighbors here in the county.

First, leave all the riffraff and baloney back in Dothan because we don't want it out here in the county.

Second, pick up a copy of "Rules of the Road" and brush up on your driving knowledge — you need it.

Third and most importantly, don't turn your new community into the one you just fled.

Fourth, make the effort to spend your money in your new community instead of just giving that money back to the abyss of Dothan.

Basically, ask yourselves "What would (Dothan commissioner) John Ferguson and Mike Schmitz do?" and then do the opposite.

Welcome to the county, y'all.

Nate Travers


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