Congressman Adam (Shifty) Schiff’s preposterous opening statement at the Sept. 26 hearing focused on a completely fictitious telephone conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. Both heads of state said there was nothing inappropriate about their talk. Trump released the complete transcript of it, which corroborated their account.

When confronted about the absurdity of his remarks, Schiff attempted to dismiss them as mere parody. His equally stupid rationale wouldn’t even meet Saturday Night Live’s criterion for humor.

A positive outcome of Schiff’s shenanigans, however, is the clear image of former Vice-President Joe Biden’s actual guilt in what Schiff and other Democrats want us to think Trump did. There is no need to hold a hearing for this. The whole world has prima facie evidence of the quid pro quo, with Biden himself boasting about intimidating the former Ukrainian president into firing a prosecutor, all the while implicating former President Barack Obama.

Is it any wonder why Biden hasn’t received an endorsement from his former boss? Pathetic Joe Biden and his supporters are no doubt unaware of how pitifully unsuccessful his latest bid to become our president is going to be.

William H. Bell


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