Expecting a lie from federal government means you will seldom be surprised, but some questions need answers:

>>Why has reporting on the number of deaths from regular flu, pneumonia, and TB been mostly abandoned?

>>If hydroxychloroquine has worked against malaria for decades and shows promise against COVID-19, and African-Americans have historically been much less susceptible to malaria, does it follow that they are also less susceptible to COVID-19? If so, might that knowledge be helpful in finding a cure?

>>Is it true that the COVID-19 virus is a carrier for the "passenger" tuberculosis?

>>Is it true that many people entering our country illegally through our Southern border are carriers of latent (dormant) tuberculosis?

>>Is it true that fresh air and sunshine are very effective "virus killers?"

>>Is it true that depletion of vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc seriously affect the ability of one's immune system to fight off a virus?

>>Might it have a nation-saving calming effect to know exactly how many people, if any, have died from COVID-19 who were not already in a severely and tragically weakened condition?

Joe Fondren


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