In May 2016, the residents of the Highlands fought off an attempt by the social engineers to lower property values in the Highlands, Bocage, and Dunleith. Proponents of the plan insist that moving low-income families into “high-opportunity areas” would increase the opportunities of children from “low-opportunity areas” to succeed in life. How did the residents stop the effort? They bought the six acres on which a developer had planned to build low-income apartments under an Obama-era desegregation plan to neutralize property values.

In October 2018, Dothan adopted an affordable housing plan but its own study, done in August, 2018, found that only 3 percent of structures in Dothan’s core area were blighted.

In December, 2017 the Trump administration suspended the Small Area Fair Market Rent Designations which had gone into effect in November 2016. This suspension was to have gone into effect in January 2018 but HUD abruptly announced it would be delaying the rule’s implementation for two years.

In January, 2018 a federal judge overruled HUD’s suspension of mobility regulation.

With the federal judge’s ruling in place, social engineers immediately went to work to increase the presence of low-income housing in upscale neighborhoods.

Now there was an ad in the legal section of the Dothan Eagle on Thursday, May 9 requesting release of funds for a project known as Honeysuckle Grove for the purpose of new construction of a 48 unit family low-income apartment complex with an estimated cost of $7,803,944.00 to be located on Honeysuckle Road in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.

My research found that the new address for the new low-income complex will be 1780 Honeysuckle Road. Studies show that properties located close to these complexes will take a dramatic drop in value, that crime rates and drug trafficking will increase and that disciplinary problems in schools will also increase.

Judi Jay


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