I have concluded that televangelists, for the most part, are unscrupulous charlatans. For decades they have been fleecing their flocks.

For many years, going back to Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell, most televangelists, in their broadcasts, did include some political narrative in their message, but they were not as blatant as they have now become. Churches are tax-exempt, as long as they don't cross the line and become a political arm of a party. Today, in my opinion, they have gone so far over that line that their main objectives are political. The televangelists still are interested in accumulating as much wealth as they can. In many cases, rather than a "calling" these televangelists have morphed into a "family business." The majority of the televangelists on TV now are full-tilt Trump supporters.

The people in the pews are fed a diet of “plant your seed (give me money) and you will be blessed.” Added to that, they are told that to do "God's work" -- essentially GOP goals -- to end a woman's right to choose, put the Ten Commandments in our courts, and make the United States a theocracy. This is a way of tricking low-information voters to vote against their interests. The congregants are not told that the GOP actually wants to curtail all of the programs that will help the majority, including them. I am talking about Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, even Social Security. It is interesting how Trump and the televangelists have this symbiotic relationship, but expected, given the character of both.

George Reese Jr.


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