Unlike the author of the recent letter “Confused about Alabama’s Life Stance,” may I say that I do not find the recently passed legislation protecting the life of the innocent, helpless unborn to be confusing, nor do I find it unreasonable that those awaiting penal execution were omitted.

Yes, I do agree that “every life is a sacred gift from God,” especially defenseless babies. So precious is life that maintaining a becoming character is essential in all we do. Some, of course, disregard this universal moral standard and create unimaginable pain and turmoil in society. Should this segment of our population be exempt from the full consequences of their actions? I don’t think so! There must be judicial intervention – justice under the law. Otherwise, chaos reigns unchecked.

What I do find mind-boggling is Death Row inmates allowed to live 10, 20, 30 years or more while their victims suffer without peace; even worse, occupy an early grave.

Thank you, Alabama, for giving the unborn a chance at life. Thank you for your bold stance on criminals who abort their God-given chance to make a life worthy of the creator.

Jan Moore


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