I’d like to acknowledge some of Pilcher Ambulance’s finest employees. Without two guys on the other side of the railroad track seeing me fall down the side of the tracks and yelling to see if I was OK, I would not be alive to write this thank you letter.

I now know their names – Joey and Ronnie – and they work for a cabinet company and just happened to be on smoke break. It’s rare to me to see young people these days who are caring and thoughtful enough to try and help a perfect stranger. I’m sure to them I looked like I was homeless.

I was in the ditch after busing my head wide open trying to get to the height of the track, and was out of breath – I have COPD and emphysema. I put my dirty rag on my forehead, which was gushing blood. They brought me a clean t-shirt to put on my head and called 911.

Thanks to them, the paramedics arrived in no time. I will be forever in their debt grateful to them and all the EMTs who responded The only names they wrote down were medic Adam Owens and EMT Nick Reynolds, but there were at least five other young men who came to my rescue.

Mr. Joey Pilcher, a dear old high school friend, should be very proud of all his employees, but if I had the funds I would at least take all the guys who were there and saved my life out for a steak dinner with their families.

Without God allowing and putting everything in motion it took for me to still be alive, there would be no letter to the editor. Thank you again to everyone involved; you all have a special place in my heart. I hope your significant others read this and see how much of a difference that you make in others’ lives. Above everything else, I want to publicly thank God for being so kind and loving.

Barry Smith


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