The sky is falling!

Folks in the “hate Trump” camp continue to harass his efforts to protect this country. They have tried numerous tactics to thwart his every move. The latest is COVID-19 that simply has to be his fault. He is accused of having no plan and an inept staff to protect us from this horrible overwhelming disease and the mainstream media is beating the drums. To wit, your editorial reprint of The Scranton (Pennsylvania) Times-Tribune on March 9. The sneering comments of the writer leave no doubt regarding its political stance.

So, the Fed cuts interest rates, the stock market nose dives, and the “news” media fans the flames of dissention, uncertainty, and fear. Whoa! Let’s put this situation into perspective.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that influenza, during this flu season, has already taken 10,000 lives, 19 million people have been infected, and 180,000 of them have landed in the hospital. Where’s the outcry? Oh well, that’s normal and we can’t beat Trump up with old news. But, if we tell the world long enough and loudly enough, “the sky is falling,” we may be able to make some of it stick.

Listening to the former lieutenant governor of New York on the radio recently, it became clear that the battle plan for COVID-19 exists — 52 pages of it — and the execution of it is in process. The promptness with which the president interrupted international travel and beefed up border security was a key element in providing time for the CDC and hospitals across the country to prepare. Because it is a new virus, there is no immediate immunization for it. But then, the influenza virus mutates often, necessitating a need to reinvent the wheel. Same old routine. And, if you are keeping up with international efforts to corral this bug, Israel indicates they are less than 90 days away from having a tested immunization for it. Wonder how many Muslims would use it?

Some of you may recall that our president worked out a deal with Mexico to keep the “invaders” in Mexico while their requests for asylum are being processed. And then, we have this idiot judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who has just overridden that policy with a “You can’t do that.” Wonder how that overrides a clear and present danger? Fortunately, that jurisdiction only impacts California and Arizona. To his credit, the president has sent additional troops to both states to assist the Border Patrol while the Supreme Court sorts out this last illustration of lunacy.

Current estimate is 60,000 illegals attempting to crash the gates. Coronavirus anyone?

William Bass


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