I learned in school there is never a true vacuum, an empty space entirely devoid of matter, nonexistent because something always comes in to fill it. Dispute evolved whether a vacuum is possible because surrounding material would immediately fill any incipience.

This thought was impressed upon me as I considered our beloved country’s latest ills and afflictions. The powers that be set upon fixing the ails of gun control, continuing the slippery slope. Removing every weapon isn’t going to solve the problem of rampant crime.

Those able to recall the past know exactly what is going on with the malice being touted from every news source. It’s a matter of sinister and malicious devilment. Wikipedia: Malice is expressed when there is manifested deliberate intention to unlawfully annihilate the lives of human beings. Malice is implied with no considerable provocations, or when the circumstances attending the killing/s show an abandoned and malignant heart.

My point exactly! The vacuum came when we removed God’s law from our society, when everyone’s right to do with their bodies as they pleased, no matter the consequences, destroying life in the womb, or on the abortionists’ table, or in the streets, as in Chicago. Did we not think that there would be retribution for such misdeeds, such sin? All such actions show how cheaply we have made life. Is it any wonder that the following generations are so affected by such ungodly decisions, concluding that life is meaningless? How can this not affect the well-being of anyone’s mind, no matter how well adjusted, to observe total depravity, and its aftermaths of depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and even murder?

The only conclusion of a rational mind -- acknowledging that removing God and his laws created this vacuum, then being filled with total depravity!

Elaine Benefield


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