A recent progressive letter said that only low information voters vote against their own best interest. The writer touts the long debunked myth that the Republicans want to take away your Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to convince you of his truth. President Trump’s policies have brought us record employment and robust economy. Nowhere did he admit that it is the Republicans that gave you a tax cut while the socialists running for the Democrat presidential nomination have sworn the raise taxes. Research how the Democrat-controlled legislature of Illinois just raised taxes and you have your future if Democrats gain national control. Nothing is free. Someone pays. Hardworking Americans will be fleeced by the Democrats to feed their indoctrinated “unwilling to work” voter base with illegal aliens thrown in to boot.

That progressive writer would convince those gullible enough that conservatives are trying to turn our nation into a theocracy. If old enough, you will remember when God was allowed in the public square and no one gave a thought to creating an Islamic state style government because it wasn’t going to happen anymore then than now. He uses the “woman’s right to choose” as a basis to bash common sense change to law allowing the murder of defenseless children in the womb. The vast majority of abortions have nothing to do with the health of a pregnant woman and everything to do with selfish convenience of lifestyle. The abortion business is a profitable business and the Democrats want to use your taxes to fund it.

Another letter writer wrote that our children are being taught in school what to think not how to think. He’s right. Don’t be a slave on the Democrat plantation. Investigate differing opinions on a subject before making a decision. Think for yourself.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

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