Joe Biden informed former President Barack Obama of his intention to run for president before making the formal announcement. In an act of kindness, or perhaps compassion, Obama suggested: “You don’t have to do this, Joe.” He was obviously aware of Biden’s proclivity to embarrass or even make a fool of himself.

After describing his effort to pin a medal for heroism on a Navy captain, Biden was informed by The Washington Post that the circumstances he recounted actually applied to an Army Sergeant who received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Obama. Biden responded that facts are irrelevant. He has also stated that he prefers facts over truth, evidently unaware they are synonymous.

Biden’s latest gaffe: “They moment they’re (the next president) sworn in in January 2020 …” He apparently plans to assume the office next month instead of waiting for the next election cycle. In one of the debates, he state the first thing he would do after the inauguration is defeat Donald Trump. Blunders such as these are common.

Nonsensical talk defines a word rarely used these days — malarkey. It is prominently displayed, however, on Biden’s bus — No Malarkey Express.

Living up to this slogan will require something extremely unlikely for Quid Pro Joe — just quit talking. To know Joe Biden is to know malarkey.

William H. Bell


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