The Illinois Department of Agriculture has banned Confederate Railroad from performing at its State Fair because of its name.

It logically follows that they must change the name of their state, since while "boys in blue" from the "Land of Lincoln" were destroying my homeland, their folks back home, not content with a state law, overwhelmingly passed a state Constitutional Amendment that any free black who came into the state and stayed more than 30 days would be flogged and driven out.

Illinois drunkard Gen. U.S. Grant, who willingly traded the lives of his boys 4-to-1 to Gen. Robert E. Lee, was quoted in the Chicago Tribune that, "If anyone says I'm fighting to end slavery, I will draw my sword for the other side."

Illinois' favorite son was an avowed white supremacist, believed in apartheid, never freed even one slave, sold his wife's slaves "down the river," and fought for recolonization of the African people back to Africa up until the very day that John Wilkes Booth took him out of the world’s misery.

I am triggered and need a safe space every time I hear the word "Illinois."

Joe Fondren


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