Alabama’s history has been long overshadowed by actions that portray the South as being dragged kicking and screaming into any form of social change in the modern era. We frequently fight progression and Supreme Court rulings that attempt to bring change and acceptance.

While this country enjoys freedom of religion, we also enjoy freedom in many other aspects. Oftentimes we see the religion of others hindering those freedoms.

An April 27 letter to the editor entitled “Take a Stand Against the Inclusion Of LGBT People” was particularly troubling. As previously stated, it is without the freedoms allowed to us in the country to dislike or disagree with whatever we want. It is not, however, in the spirit of freedom and inclusion to use platforms such as the local news, which isn’t so “local” actually, seeing as the Dothan Eagle belongs to a billion-dollar media company as the result of a multibillion-dollar purchase several years ago.

This allows personal opinion and religious beliefs being spread on a large scale and affecting people who do not wish to participate in these beliefs. Can you imagine your perfectly happy lifestyle, which is perfectly legal under Supreme Court ruling and which is also not harming anyone, and being shamed and encouraged to be excluded from communities by your local newspaper?

We take issue with the published letter because we feel that a letter from someone who was not of the Christian faith writing the exact opposite would have likely not been published.

We want Alabama, and the world for that matter, to allow individuals to have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We will not achieve that as long as messages of exclusion and regression are continually spread on widespread scales.

David Waller

and the Superelevators band


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